Tuesday August 14 , 2018
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Ski-Doo - 66 REV Non-Inter Cooled

Kit Description

All the power you will need upwards of 245+ hp. This is an non-intercooled race kit. Kit comes with all necessary hardware and instructions. Sufficient to run 15 pounds of boost. Have our professional install facility install and setup your kit. Upgrade your kit with Clutching, Guages, Inter-Cooler and vent panels.

We recommend you start with the power jets about 2.25 turns open. This should be plenty rich, as ours runs well at 1.75 turns open @ 8000. Once power jets are turned in make sure your 25% throttle position cruising speed has sufficient fuel, you may have to raise or lower needles for proper fuel needs.

Use 07 needles in your carburetors and set in 3rd clip position. This should be a little rich to get you started. You will also need to install a 15 pilot jet in carburetors for proper idle.

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